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Til að sjá úrvalið af krapvélum sem að eru á lager ásamt verðum er hægt að skoða það á vefverslun hér: Krapvélar Vefverslun

I-PRO revolutionizes the slush machines market, because it combines excellent operation, high performance and a refined look.

Every detail of the i-Pro is designed to create a unique machine, capable to achieve a real difference on the market of slush machines, in terms of:

  • performance: the shape of the bowl is designed to generate a natural mixing effect, to ensure an optimum consistency of the product
  • design: from the slender shapes to the captivating Led lighting, everything contributes to give a futuristic flavour to this slush machine
  • innovation: all I-PRO slush machines have an insulated tank (I-Tank) as standard

Comprehensive range: you can choose between many variants, suitable for different needs (1-2-3 bowls, with mechanical or electronic button panel, cooled by water or with high cooling capacity).

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