Silverstone rafmagnslyftari ES10-1600 1.0t sérpöntun



Full-Electric Stacker


Safe and comfortable stacking
All lifting and lowering functions are easily controlled from the multi-functional tiller head, allowing the operator to focus entirely on
stacking. Further features make stacking particulary safe and productive:
• Precise and gentle depositing of loads into the racking or on the floor. The lowering speed is electro-hydraulically controlledsensitively by button on the tiller head.
• High lifting speed increases productivity.


Working in very confined spaces
The E-Stacker is an especially compact pedestrian stacker. The extremely short chassis length and low vehicle weight allowing use
in extremely confined spaces, in the lift and on mezzanines. The E-Stacker is also equipped with a crawl speed button.


Working ergonomically
The recently developed tiller head is perfectly adapted to the ergonomic needs of the operator:
Grip angle to suit the hand position of the operator.
Horn button placed in the centre of the tiller where it can be reached quickly.


Wide track version
Ideal for lifting perimeter based pallets.
Use of attachments with optional fork carriage.


Lower maintenance costs
Service-friendly components ensure lower maintenance costs in the long-term: Two-piece front cover provides quick access to all components.