Silverstone rafmagnslyftarar T20-20WA 2.0t


Full-Electric pallet-truck


Performance and Reliability
• The innovative AC system offers quick response, accurate control, impact structure, excellent performance and longer battery life.
• Advanced regenerative braking guarantee low energy consumption, increasing the efficiency.
• High strength frame design, suitable for tough work places, ensures longer service life.
• Excellent performance when getting in and out of empty pallet greatly increases the operator’s efficiency.


• Unique arc board design on the front frame ensures the clearance between front and rear frames to stay constant which avoids accidently clipping fingers.
• Anti-roll back prevents uncontrolled reverse movements or roll-back on ramps when loading and unloading.
• Emergency plug mounted at upright side on truck frame, all power supply can be cut off by simply pulling this plug.


• Self-Diagnostics provided through the digital display allows easy trouble-shooting with the use of an external handheld analyzer.
• Hinged battery steel cover can be opened easily, enhance efficient to supply distilled water or electrolyte.
• Vertical motor ensures convenience inspection and maintenance of motor and brake.


• The ergonomically designed handle ensures smooth and easy controls of all operation.
• More than 180 degree tiller/handle rotation range plus compact body ensures small turning radius and excellent maneuverability.
• Creep speed control enabled when tiller/handle in vertical position which allows operator to work more efficient in confined areas.


Standard Features
• Emergency stop and Belly Button
• BDI and Hour meter
• Horn & Electric Brake
• Casters to balance stability
• Grease nipple fittings
• Industry battery
• Battery cable and plug
• Charger
• Creep function
• Ergonomic handle
• Progressive speed AC control system
• Vertical lifting for battery change