Silverstone rafmagnslyftari T20-15ET 1.5t




Full-Electric pallet-truck


To meet the needs and desires of consumers in specialized markets Silverstone launches the new T20-15ET full electric pallet truck
with competitive performance, superior quality, and very attractive pricing.
The philosophy behind the T20-15ET is using minimal truck to create maximum performance and effi ciency, while save energy,
human effort, materials and costs.



Basic specifications:


Use high quality assembly from established industry suppliers to ensure the function of the truck’s power system and its stability.


Strong power, effort saving
Capacity 1.5 ton, reaching most customers’ demands for goods transit.
More efficient and convenient than hand pallet trucks for lifting, lowering and walking.


Solid and durable
High quality assembly results in longer truck operation life.
Solid body frame.


Removed unnecessary accessories to save materials and improve body frame integrity.
Beautiful appearance
Semi-enclosed appearance.


Excellent detail
Harmonious inner and outer structure design with excellent detail.


Easy to maintain
Modular product, easy to dismantle and assemble.
Maintenance-free 60AH Battery.


Ingenious design increases space utilization


Small body, space saving
Small size makes passing easy in narrow aisles.


Agility and convenience in operation
Light body makes operation convenient.


Economic and energy saving
Cost efficient, revolutionary design.60AH Battery for energy saving and environment-friendly operation.