Coldline hraðfrystir eða kælir W7TGN

Model: W7TGN Code: W110700000

Internal and external stainless steel AISI 304 18/10
Insulation thickness 60 mm, high density foamed
polyurethane, CFC and HCFC-free
Interior corners are rounded for ease cleaning
Adjustable H.100-150 mm stainless steel legs
Strengthened top H.30 mm
N. 1 self closing lockable door with 105° dwell
Easy to replace magnetic gaskets
Bottom with water drain
Stainless steel needle probe
Removable refrigeration system FSS
Operation in +43°C ambient (tropicalized)
Coated coil treated – Checkable
Environmentally friendly R404a refrigerant
Automatic hot gas defrost
Condensate drain with removable drip tray
Microprocessor electronic control
Two chilling modes: 1
With core probe – 2 Time-based chilling
Chilling at +3°C with soft and hard intensity
Blast freezing at -18°C with chamber air temperature
up to -40×C

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