Spegillinn er hannaður með gjaldkera í huga.

Art. No.Mirror sizesMaterialMeasuresWeightViewing distance
INPEX 30 X 100 W30 x 100 cmAcrylic330 x1030 x 60 cm2,0 kg1-3 m
INPEX 30 X 100 G30 x 100 cmAcrylic330 x 1030 x 60 cm2,0 kg1-3 m

The Inpex Check Out is a cost effective tool against shop lifting. Inpex Check Out has been designed with the cashier in mind. It is especially useful for self service shops and supermarkets. Inpex Check Out „enlarges“ and concentrates the visible area in the mirror.


Inpex Check Out is made of acrylic with an aluminium composite frame.


Inpex Check Out is easily installed by using the enclosed chain.

We grant a 2 year functional warranty.