Spegill í ál ramma

Plane mirror is multi-used in shops and in commerce. The mirror is impact resistant. Material Plan mirror is made of acrylic with an aluminum composite frame.

Plane mirror is made of acrylic with an aluminium composite frame.


Plan mirror can be installed easily with chains (can be purchased seperately) on a ceiling or it can be mounted on a wall.

We grant a 2 year functional warranty.

Art. No.Mirror sizesMaterialMeasuresWeightViewing distance
IP AC 30 X 4030 x 40 cmAcrylic330 x 430 x 60 mm1,0 kg1-4 m
IP AC 30 X 10030 x 100 cmAcrylic330 x 1030 x 60 mm3,0 kg1-8 m
IP AC 40 X 6040 x 60 cmAcrylic430 x 630 x 60 mm3,0 kg1-6 m
IP AC 50 X 10050 x 100 cmAcrylic530 x 1030 x 60 mm4,0 kg1-8 m
IP AC 60 X 8060 x 80 mmAcrylic630 x 830 x 60 mm4,0 kg1-6 m
IP AC 75 X 10075 x 100 cmAcrylic780 x 1030 x 60 mm5,0 kg1-10 m